Once the emotive rhetorical flushes of this message are stripped away,p. iii of Speaking Out, the introduction from ICAP reads something like this:

“Every year, on average, drug use and abuse kills x number of Americans and as a result of drug use and abuse approximately x others experience chronic trauma. Yet despite these statistics, there is a broad scale, nationwide effort to legalize illegal narcotics. Sometimes, supporters of legalization initiatives mislead the public about the impact of drug legalization and underestimate the possible harm that a likely increase in the use of narcotics could have on a community.

There are no simple truths, but we believe that legalizing narcotics will not make life better for our citizens, ease the level of crime and violence in our communities nor reduce the threat faced by law enforcement.

There is a reason why the International Association of Chiefs of Police (ICAP) and every major law enforcement organization opposes efforts at drug legalization or decriminalization. We are public safety professionals who have professional experience of the harms that drug abuse causes to society. We have professional experience of the negative effects of juvenile drug addiction. We have professional experience of the grief of parents and relatives who have lost family to a drug overdose.

We believe that drug legalization will negatively impact levels of drug addiction and that this will negatively impact affected communities.

This publication is a resource which provides law enforcement executives, elected officials, community leaders, teachers, parents, and all those who are concerned with community safety with some information and resources which support our views on what we believe to be the dangers of drug legalization. “