More creativity and ingenuity from smugglers. First, the $2mn submarine that was seized by Colombian officials over the weekend. It operates completely underwater, and can hold about 8 tons of drugs.

Colombian officials have seized over 30 semi-submersible ships over the past ten years, including a dozen last year. Narco-subs are a definitely a nicely high-tech addition to the drug smuggler’s artillery, but life on board does not sound fun. There’s a depressing account from a guy who was coerced into working on one after he borrowed money from traffickers to pay for his wife’s medical expenses.

And in a case that seems timely, with Easter just around the corner, a guy has been busted for trying to smuggle 14lbs of cocaine disguised as candy through Los Angeles airport.

I like both of these- I think they both show flair and style. But the catapult is still my favorite. It just looks way more fun than either submarines or candy. And $2mn seems like a lot to blow on a boat that gets seized. I learnt that playing High Tea yesterday.

On another note, the dude who smuggled the candy got 40years. There’s an article in The Daily Caller about how a legislative staffer drafted mandatory minimum sentencing proposals for meth dealers with no effort to research the effectiveness of previous drug sentencing legislation. The least these guys could do is add a bit of humor to the process- the current war on drugs seems so depressing. I propose that juries be asked to rate smugglers’ attempts in a similar style to “dancing with the stars”.  If the drug dealers get a score of 9 or above from all jury members, they get a 10 year reduction on their sentence. That way, we’d be punishing the baddies, while encouraging innovation and creativity amongst America’s youth. Seems like a win-win to me.

Daily Caller story via Stopthedrugwar

Account of life on a coke sub via @Sanho Tree