From Vice Magazine this week, A beginner’s guide to drugs for girls. Some of the top tips:

  • Learn to Roll…doubly important if you happen to be a girl because the world is sexist and the last thing we need is you playing up to that shitty stereotype.
  • Make friends with someone in sportswear…befriend someone in sportswear and you’ll never be in need of a Rizla.
  • Beware the leeches…When boys tell you ‘You’ve had too much’, what they often mean is ‘Let me have the rest of your ketamine’.

I’d also add, if you’re Miley Cyrus, please don’t get high on youtube.  And if you’ve ever acted for Disney, please just stay away from drugs altogether. With all your breakdowns and your rehab, you just spoil it for everyone else.

(Speaking of Rizla, I was reading some article about the American version of Skins which has got people all in a tiz over here, and the article said that the name ‘Skins’ came from slang for condoms. I always thought it was from the slang for papers. Am I hopelessly out of touch?)

Via Vice

Thanks Becky