Now that he’s gone from the ACMD, I’m kind of hoping that my favorite Prohibitionist of the week will stay in the spotlight for a bit longer. He, and the Daily Mail’s outrage at his sacking, are proving to be wonderfully entertaining. Apparently he’s thinking of suing the Home Office.  He says to the Daily Mail:

‘But ultimately this [his dismissal] has got more to do with a small number of activists who I appear to have offended than my ability to make a constructive contribution towards the debate on drugs.

‘I don’t think the Home Office will have me back, but I’m concerned about the implications for public debate, so I would consider taking it to court on a point of principle.’

The thing is he’s kind of right.  Although I’m fairly sure his assertions of proclivity to pedophilia amongst homosexuals as a reason to oppose gay marriage have offended far more people than just ‘a small number of activists’ its a shame he wasn’t sacked because of his inability to distinguish between religious argument and scientific evidence.