I just heard about the appointment of  Dr Hans-Christian Raabe to the Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs (ACMD), the body in the UK that ‘advises’ the government on drug policy. Sadly, the term ‘advise’ can only be used loosely these days, as the previous government was more than happy to ignore the Council’s advice on cannabis scheduling, and the current government is considering abolishing tbe Council altogether. Several members quit in protest last year after the former Chairman, Professor David Nutt was forced out for stating that scientific evidence shows that alcohol causes more harm to society than ecstasy.

With the appointment of Raabe, the Council goes one step further towards the ridiculous. According to Mark Easton, of the BBC, Raabe is closely involved with the Marantha Community, a not-for-profit organization whose views on harm reduction read like something from the 1980s. The organization argues that “harm-reduction accommodates and normalises, rather than prevents, drug misuse” and they criticize educational material for teaching young people about safe drug use.

“This is a contradiction in itself, since there are no safe ways of taking drugs. This type of educational material encourages rather than discourages drug misuse.”

Raabe, this one’s for you:

Story via Transform, video via DangerousMinds