This is from 2005, but that doesn’t mean it’s not still awesome.  It’s a glossary of drugs slang published by the White House. What amazed me was how many terms there are for ‘searching the floor for crack’. Other favorites: “Are you anywhere?” (Do you use marijuana?), “Following that cloud” (searching for drugs) and, “Lipton Tea” as a description of crap weed. As a Brit who despairs at how difficult it is to get a decent cuppa in this country, I can relate to that. Weirdly, there are also several terms such as ‘5-way’, to do with taking a bucket-load of drugs at once. Maybe it’s an American thing, but all those terms were new to me. Other fun fact: At the time of publication, the list was accompanied by a few “how much do you know about drugs?’ quizzes in parenting magazines, with questions such as:

Fry sticks are _______.
a. the act of injecting yourself with speed

b. marijuana cigarettes dipped in formaldehyde and sometimes laced with PCP

Yep.  Knowing that is definitely going to stop your kids from following that cloud.