I really hate the whole anti-privacy argument of, “well, if you’re not doing anything wrong, then you don’t have anything to hide”.  So I think I’m actually on the side of these LAPD cops in a debate over proposed anti-corruption reforms:

The Los Angeles Police Department is still recovering from a corruption scandal that made headlines in the 1990s, when some rogue officers got caught stealing drugs and cash from street gangs.

Later, the LAPD cleaned up its act with a series of reforms. But now, there’s a new controversy: The LAPD is now asking all of its gang and narcotics officers to reveal information about their bank accounts, mortgages and credit cards.

It basically boils down to the whole ‘presumption of innocence’ malarkey-  a threatened judicial concept in the world of drug laws, but an important one nonetheless.  Sure- if a police officer’s behavior, or spending patterns, or lifestyle raises concerns, then investigate his financial records.  But until then- leave the man alone.

Source: NPR, Finance Probe Raises Ire Among Some LAPD Officers