I stumbled across this article in Vice today.  From the description below, it sounds a little bit like the village fetes that my church used to host each year.  With a few minor differences of course:

This was a community event where folks who had spent the better part of the year working were just starting to unwind and enjoy the fruits of their labors, although the fruits here were flowers. And the flowers that were entered in the competition were put on display for everyone to see upon entering the main building. There were 150 entries, and they varied in every way that you might imagine them to: indicas, staivas, close trimmed, shaggy, big flowers, little flowers, new strains, old strains, dark flowers, light flowers, purple flowers—you name it, someone grew it. The thing that they had in common was their being grown outdoors in the Emerald Triangle. So, while it was obviously a cannabis cup, it was also, perhaps less obviously, a farming community’s annual harvest celebration.